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Welcome to Ben Coffee Co!

We have prepared a wonderful package for you to become a member of our site and experience our products.

V60 Ceramic Dripper, 40 pcs Gater Kraft Filter Paper and 250 gr Ben Coffee Co Filter Blend Coffee you can choose in the color you want is only 190 TL instead of 221 TL!

Kalita Color Dripper with interesting design, 4 different color optionsWhatIt is one of the most popular coffee brewing equipment of recent times, with its special coffee brewing method. V60, with its spiral structure that brings coffee and water together at every point, ensures that the aroma of coffee reaches your glass in the best way.

Cleaning and use of this product for two people is also very simple. This set includes the Ben Coffee Co Filter Blend Coffee, which we recommend brewing with the V60.Whatis melting. 

Our campaign package consists of V60 Ceramic Dripper, 40 pieces of kraft filter paper and Ben Coffee Co Filter Coffee Blend.

  • You can brew about two small cups of coffee at a time. 
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • in the set Filter Coffee Blend 100% Arabica coffee beans are used.
  • The coffees are freshly ground according to your order, in the appropriate size for Kalita.