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V60 Ceramic Dripper & Theferruat Glass Server & Gater Paper Filter SET OF 3

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₺315.00 TRY
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₺284.00 TRY
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₺315.00 TRY

Set İWhatplum:

  • 1 x V60 Color Dripper
  • 1 Piece Theferruat Glass Server 
  • 40 Pieces Gater Paper Filters

V60 Ceramic coffee brewing apparatus with a conical structure, designed differently for the coffee brewing method.
Thanks to its special conical structure and paper filter quality, it ensures that all the coffee aromas in the coffee come out after brewing.
different colorWhatIt can be easily washed and used many times.
It is suitable for use with a V60 kraft paper filter suitable for its shape.
It is used as the most common method of brewing coffee.

The right amount of water is important when brewing coffee. Glass coffee carafe, which is one of the ferruat coffee brewing equipment, is a product that will help you brew the best coffee with its dots showing the ml size and quality workmanship.