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FIBI NATURAL Washable Fabric Coffee Filter

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Fibi Natural Washable Fabric Coffee Filters are a reusable alternative to disposable paper filters. All of our filters outperform similar disposable and reusable filters.

How is it done?

It is made with 100% Organic unbleached raw cotton and offers a solution for disposable filters. Compatible for 1×4.

Why should it be preferred?

2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. If we assume that at least 1/3 of these cups are made with 8 cup portions with paper filters, 750 million paper filters are made and thrown away every day, and this number is 1.5 million to make filters in a year. means cutting trees.

Each Fibi Natural fabric coffee filter replaces 4-12 cans of paper filters per year, and your coffee tastes better!

Fibi natural coffee filters are durable and when the instructions for use are followed, a coffee filter will last a year or more.

The Washable Fabric Coffee Filter absorbs some of the oils released from the coffee beans while allowing acids to pass through.

How should it be used?

We recommend boiling for 10 minutes before first use. To brew, place the Reusable Filter inside the coffee equipment of your choice and fill it with the desired amount of ground coffee. Pour boiling water on the floor. After use, drain the coffees from the filter, rinse and hang dry. You can store your filters in water in the refrigerator or freezer for long-term freshness. Boil periodically to clean the filters.

Color change can be observed due to use.

Attention! The coffee should not be kept wet in the coffee filter for a long time.