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The body of Bigg Coffee French Press is made of sturdy plastic. With its BPA-free feature and stainless steel strainer, you can brew filter coffee, herbal and fruit tea with peace of mind.

CAPACITY: Volume: 350 Ml, Height: 14 cm, Weight: 400 g (for approx. 2 small cups or 1 large cup)

3-LAYER FILTERING: With its 3-layer filtering system, it brews your coffee smoothly and does not contain coffee beans. In addition, since the filter does not filter the oils and aromas in the coffee, it ensures that the coffee taste is preserved and you get the full aromas.

BOROSILIC CAM: This french press model, consisting of a stainless steel filter, is made of thick fire-resistant borosilicate glass, the handles are heat-insulated plastic.

BREW SETTING: Especially for those who like strong coffee, the feature of the french press that other equipment does not have is that you can adjust the brewing time yourself, so you can extend or shorten the brewing time according to the strength that suits your taste. For example, while the average brewing time is 4-5 minutes, you can increase it to 3 minutes if you like it soft, and up to 6 minutes if you like it hard.

PRACTICAL USE: With its features such as not requiring filter paper and being without electricity, you can prepare your tea and coffee at home, at work, even in the park, even on the beach. In this respect, it saves time in places where you cannot carry your coffee machine or deal with small pieces of equipment required for other equipment.

EASY TO CLEAN: It is recommended to hand wash in cold water only. It is not suitable for washing in the dishwasher. You can clean your french press like you would wash any glass. There is no detailed and challenging step in this regard. So it is suitable for office or camping.

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