Ben Coffee Roasters is a company that has been importing green bean coffee from different countries of the world, especially from Africa, according to the harvest periods since 2013, keeping the taste ahead of the institutionalism. 

It all started in the coffee bean fields we went to by chance during a trip to Tanzania. Our passion for coffee, which sprouts here, continued with green bean selection and coffee roasting training at London School of Coffee and moved to Turkey. 

Our first core is Tanzania.. We imported the necessary roasting machines from abroad and established our roasting workshop. However, because we wanted to do this job very well, we initially received consultancy service from Boot Coffee company in the USA. We realized the first coffee roasting profiles and tastings with the team from the company. Now we were ready to produce our own coffees and share them with you.

Today, we continue to offer special tastes to coffee lovers, both wholesale and individual sales, with special packaging, by roasting 8 different beans, which we bring from all over the world, in our coffee roasting workshop in Istanbul. In addition, by establishing a coffee shop with the motto of "The best coffee in fashion" in 2015, Ben Coffee Roasters, which managed to enter the hearts of coffee lovers with different presentations and unique flavors in a short time, is not only for those who love coffee and want to taste different flavors. At the same time, it continues to sell the coffees they roast to places that consume coffee. 

Since we think that the right and permanent jobs are through education; We professionally continue to provide all kinds of knowledge and experience support to corporate companies, SMEs in need and individual barista trainings.