We have become the routine of daily life and consume it many times almost every day. Coffee has a long, bittersweet history of about 600 years. This adventure of coffee known to have started in Abyssinia (Ethiopia); After Yemen, Mecca, Cairo and Damascus, it spreads to Istanbul, and from Istanbul to Europe and all over the world. 

Today has been a turning point in terms of coffee consumption habits. So, what happened that the Turkish society, known as "tea maker", suddenly changed the route to coffee? How are the coffee consumption habits of the society shaped?

According to a study conducted by Pulside Research on behalf of Marketing Turkey;

1 in 10 people consume more than 5 cups of coffee a day!



When the participants were asked how often they consumed coffee during the day, they 2-5 glasses a day response stands out with 42.5 percent. While 1 out of every 3 people states that they drink 1 cup of coffee a day One of the most striking data in the research is that one out of every ten people states that they drink more than five cups of coffee a day. In the summer season, when hot drinks are consumed relatively less, it is seen that consumers still cannot give up coffee. The findings of the study show that the vast majority (82.7 percent) of the participants consume 1 cup or more of coffee per day. In summer, this rate is 80.8 percent.

Coffee consumption is indexed to income level!

When the profile of coffee lovers participating in the research is examined It is seen that 58 percent are women and 42 percent are men. Although the age density is mostly in the range of 25-44, coffee consumption is common at all ages. The provinces with the highest coffee consumption are Istanbul and Izmir. 




The owner of the summit is Turkish coffee. Turkish Coffee is Mostly Consumed in the Aegean Marmara loves it plain, Southeastern Anatolia loves it with sugar!

According to research Turkish coffee, by far, is at the top of the most consumed (84 percent) and favorite (54,7 percent) coffee varieties of the society. was. Among the other types of coffee consumed the most by the participants filter coffee Instant coffee is in the second place with 41.3 percent, while instant coffee is in the third place with 39.3 percent. Looking at the gender distribution, again in all coffee varieties It seems that women consume more coffee than men. According to research Turkish coffee is the most consumed type of coffee in summer. (24.3%), the second rank of the list is changing, with 9.8% Ice Latte being the second most preferred type of coffee by consumers.

While the time period in which Turkish coffee is drunk most is in the evening with 37 percent, this rate is followed by after lunch with 35 percent. Aegean people love coffee between morning and lunch. at night time The regions with the highest consumption of Turkish coffee are Southeastern Anatolia and Central Anatolia.

42 percent of the respondents state that their favorite product next to Turkish coffee is chocolate. It is seen that those who love chocolate the most are those who drink Turkish coffee with sugar and students.



Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi is at the top!

Of course, the competition and the race for the summit become even more meaningful when it comes to Turkish coffee, which is both the favorite and the most consumed by the society. Within the scope of the research, when consumers are asked about their favorite Turkish coffee, Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi's answer comes first with 64 percent, while Kahve Dünyası Medium Roasted Turkish Coffee comes in second with 14.5 percent.

There is competition in cold coffee!

It is reflected in the data that the participants mostly prefer to buy the cold coffee they consume especially in the summer months from chain coffee shops (66.5 percent). On the other hand, participants 60% of them make their own cold coffee, 48.3% of them state that they prefer to buy boxed products from the markets. The fact that 1 out of every 5 people point to fuel stations in response to this question is also a remarkable data for the sector. When respondents were asked about their favorite cold coffee brand, NESCAFÉ Express stands out with 34.3 percent. Starbucks is the second most preferred brand with 28.3 percent, and Obsesso is the third most preferred brand with 10.4 percent. The fact that 1 out of 10 people does not tend to any brand points to a potential here.



About 400 billion and 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year in the world.

Finland ranks first with 12 kg in coffee consumption, Norway ranks second with 9.9 kg, and Iceland ranks third with 9 kg. Per capita consumption in Germany is 7 kg, in the USA it is 4 kg. In Turkey, the per capita consumption is 0.4 kg. ie 400 grams. Approximately 30 thousand tons of coffee is consumed annually in Turkey. The size of the market is over 500 million TL. Turkish coffee constitutes 125 million TL of this market.

After its long journey, today coffee has become a passion product rather than being consumed as an ordinary food. Coffee chains, which have recently become one of the favorite investments of young entrepreneurs, have achieved rapid growth with both profit margin and potential. Brands have become almost competing with each other to get the highest share from the market.