Coffee equipment or coffee brewing equipment, especially 3. They became interesting with the growth and spread of the next generation coffee industry. Making or brewing coffee at home has become preferable because it is much cheaper than brewing instant coffee from outside.

It is possible to describe coffee equipment in many different details. Additional tools come to the fore as much as almost every equipment itself. Here we will talk about the basic elements.


The French Press is a coffee brewing equipment invented by the French but later developed by the Italians. It is one of the most practical and easy equipment in terms of use. It has a structure that allows everyone to easily brew coffee.

First, you have to make sure you have the right water/coffee ratio. You should use about two tablespoons of coffee. The water should be around 95 degrees Celsius. It will be sufficient to boil the water and let it rest for two or three minutes after boiling.

Pour the coffee into the bottom of the French Press, then slowly pour the 95-degree water and place the plunger all the way up on top of the equipment. You will then have to wait a bit for the coffee to brew.



Making espresso in a Moka Pot is both elegant and effective in its simplicity. The origin of the Moka Pot goes back to Italy. It works very simply and is easy to use. It is also a classic and sophisticated brewing style. Not to mention the pleasure you will get while brewing coffee.

The Moka Pot works its magic through two important variables: pressure and heat. The four main parts that achieve this are; base, upper chamber, inner funnel and filter. Using steam pressure to push the water through a strainer, the Moka Pot prepares an espresso-like coffee.

The Moka Pot is filled with water in the lower chamber and the finely ground coffee is placed in a strainer just above the water. Once placed in the heat, the water is forced through the strainer, forming a strong coffee. It is incredibly useful, especially for those who prefer strong coffees.




The Hario V60 is perhaps the most popular pour over coffee equipment on the market today. It allows you to make coffee in an extremely delicious way. It basically consists of a jug and a filter. All you have to do is insert the filter (usually a filter paper), put in the ground coffee, and then pour the water over it.

Compared to the French Press, this is an extremely laborious task. Because its preparation is time consuming. But your coffee will be ready faster than that. There is no brewing time. The fastest way to make coffee ready is to use this equipment.

Heating the filter paper slightly will prevent the coffee from cooling down immediately. One serving requires 16 grams of coffee and 240 milligrams of water. After adding the coffee, add some water and wait 30 seconds. Drizzle the remaining water over the coffee so that it does not touch the paper. So your coffee will be ready.




Chemex is a coffee equipment invented by the German Peter Schlumbohn. In a sense, it can be compared to an hourglass when viewed from afar. The wooden handle is one of the most common types of chemex product.

Chemex can be in different sizes. There are 3 cup, 6 cup and 8 cup models. One cup is calculated as approximately 150 milligrams. You will need a filter paper to brew your coffee. Chemex is an equipment that will allow you to prepare coffee a little slower. You must also use the equipment on the stovetop.

For about 250 milligrams, 17 grams of coffee is considered the ideal measure. Place the Chemex filter in the spout and warm the inside of the equipment with hot water. Pour your ground coffee into the equipment. Then start pouring the water slowly. Your coffee will be ready in 3-5 minutes.




The AeroPress is a coffee brewing equipment especially loved by campers and travellers. Due to its unbreakable structure, it is one of the most preferred products for individuals on the move. In addition, it offers the opportunity to brew coffee much faster than other equipment.

When making coffee with AeroPress, you need to use 230 milligrams of water and 17 grams of ground coffee for one serving. It is especially important that the coffee is fine or medium ground. Cleaning the equipment is much simpler than others. All you have to do is run the water over it.

Warm the inside of the AeroPress with slightly boiling water. Then pour 17 grams of coffee and add 50 milligrams of water and mix. Wait 45 seconds, then slowly add the rest of the water. After the equipment is full, you should put the filter paper. Then turn it upside down and place it on a glass and gently press it from the top to let the coffee flow into the glass.



A siphon equipment basically has four parts; upper and lower chambers, a filter and a heat source. Infusion water is added to the lower chamber and heated by a heat source (fire or halogen beam heater). When the water is hot enough, gases begin to escape from it. Vacuum is then created which will move the brewing water to the upper chamber.

The upper chamber is used to brew the coffee. After brewing is complete, the heat source is turned off, which will cool the air in the lower chamber. This creates another vacuum that will pull the coffee into the lower chamber and the coffee is ready to be served.

One serving requires 15 grams of coffee and 250 milligrams of water. Place the water in the lower chamber and the coffee in the upper chamber. Turn on the bottom heater. After the water warms up a little, it will pass into the upper chamber and the coffee will begin to brew. You can mix your coffee if you wish.