Coffee The general rule for food is as follows: The fresher, the tastier.

If you are a qualified coffee consumer; Storage conditions are important for you to get full efficiency. The warmer the coffee storage location, the faster the aroma of the coffee disappears. External factors such as light, temperature, oxygen and humidity are not good for coffee flavor. Therefore, it is recommended that the storage location of the coffee is always cool, dark and dry.

The aroma of the coffee, which is exposed to negative factors such as oxygen and heat during storage, quickly disappears. Because aromas are made up of oils in coffee beans and these oils begin to oxidize quickly even at room temperature. So the oils are bitter and can have a bad side effect on their flavor.

Likewise, it is not recommended to store coffee with other food products. because coffee absorbs foreign odors easily, for example in the spice cabinet.


The storage conditions of bean and ground coffee are different.

  • If you are going to store your coffee as a core; You will preserve it longer. But if you have purchased ground coffee beans, you should finish them as soon as possible.

You can store the coffee beans in a glass jar in the dark part of the kitchen. If there is a pantry section in your kitchen or house, this will have the most ideal conditions for storage. The seeds should be kept away from the sun and moisture as much as possible. Sun and humidity spoil the structure of the beans and filter coffee loses its freshness.

  • If you are going to store ground coffee; You can choose opaque containers instead of glass jars. Try to consume it as soon as possible, as ground coffee will be more delicate.


Is It Possible to Freeze Coffee Beans?

Kahve Çekirdeklerini Dondurarak Saklamak Mümkün Mü?

Another alternative is to freeze the coffee beans. It is possible to store the beans in the freezer section for up to one month. This process can be preferred especially by those living in warm regions such as the Mediterranean. In this way, you protect the coffee beans against the negative effects of hot weather.

You can choose resealable refrigerator bags to freeze and store coffee beans. If you choose this method, you should consume the coffee as soon as you take it out of the freezer. For this reason, it will be more convenient to store it by dividing it into small bags. Generally, it is recommended that coffees stored in this way be ground and consumed within two weeks after being taken out of the freezer.

In addition to this, although there is a belief such as storing ground coffee in the refrigerator; It will cause it to lose its aroma quickly due to the humidity and temperature difference. 

Keeping it in the grinder chamber of your machine, which is another form of storage, will also not be correct, since it will both get light and the chambers of most grinders do not have airtightness.

The most suitable; It is to grind the coffee beans as much as necessary just before using. Thus, you can be sure that the various aromas in the coffee beans are not lost, and you can enjoy the real taste of your coffee.