Chemex coffee equipment is one of the most popular coffee brewing equipment of recent years. The taste of brewing coffee with this coffee equipment, which has a very aesthetic appearance, is different!

Chemex, who opened his eyes to the world in Kiel, Germany in 1896. It was invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. Dr. Peter Schlumbohm is the patent owner of not only Chemex, but also about 300 tools that make our daily life easier.

A chemist, Dr. Peter Schlumbohm didn't design Chemex as just a coffee brewing equipment. He also wanted Chemex to be a stylish coffee delivery vehicle.

What is Chemex?

3 today. Chemex, which has become more known with the next generation coffee wave, is one of the most used equipment by both coffee chains and coffee lovers. It is obvious that this device, which makes you feel like a scientist while brewing coffee, was invented by a chemist!

Knowing how important the content of mixtures and interaction parameters are as a chemist, Dr. Peter Schlumbohm drew on the power of his knowledge to develop his invention.

Having a good command of the chemistry of coffee beans, Dr. Peter Schlumbohm designed Chemex coffee filters without its own aroma so that the coffee can release its own aroma without any change in taste.

Thus, the substance of the equipment used and the coffee aromas would no longer interact and the aroma of the coffee would be revealed as it was. That alone is enough to make Chemex popular with true coffee lovers.

Chemex's design was admired by the whole world and found successful. Today, it continues to be exhibited as an iconic item at the Brooklyn Museum, MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), and the Corning Museum of Glass.

Chemex is one of the products in which the success of its designer is appreciated. Dr. With this design, Peter Schlumbohm was awarded the best design of 1943 by MOMA.

Dr. Peter Schlumbohm was not limited to this award. This tool has been honored by the Illinois Institute of Technology as one of the 100 best designs of modern times.

Although Chemex still exists today, it remains a family business. Dr. The company, which continues to be managed with the principles of Peter Schlumbohm, seems to live for many more years.



What are the Chemex Coffee Equipment Types?

Chemex is a coffee equipment that will allow you to brew coffee with the pour over method. It allows us to obtain a taste very close to the taste of coffee machines with high standards.

In addition to achieving a quality coffee taste, Chemex also provides us with an enjoyable coffee brewing process. This coffee equipment, which will make you feel like the barista of your own home, will allow you to enjoy the entire coffee brewing process.

There are basically three types of Chemex coffee brewing equipment. These varieties are;

Automatic Chemex

Automatic Chemex coffee brewing equipment is a coffee brewing equipment that is not yet available in our country. Don't be too upset if this equipment is not available in Turkey. Because being automatic does not add much different features to this equipment.

The main difference between automatic Chemex and manual Chemex coffee equipment; water is flowing from the machine, not by hand. It is the same equipment placed in the machine.

Only this equipment ensures that the water reaches the ideal temperature and that the coffee in Chemex is brewed with the water spout. You can do these operations very easily without a machine.

Wooden Handle Chemex

It is the most preferred Chemex model. Because it looks much more stylish than other models. But we can't say that there is much difference between it and the others in terms of function. We can even say the same as the others.

The appearance of this coffee equipment is almost like an hourglass. Knotted in the middle, this model has a wooden handle in the middle. This equipment, in which glass and wood are in perfect harmony, is almost like an accessory.

Chemex with Glass Holder

The only difference with the wooden handle model is the appearance. Both models have 3 cup, 6 cup, 8 cup and 13 cup models. Therefore, you can choose the model that appeals to you more in terms of appearance.

Chemex Coffee Filters

In this coffee brewing equipment, you need to use coffee filters specially developed for this equipment. In addition, the coffee filter you can use may vary depending on the volume of the equipment.

For example; A coffee filter that you can use for Chemex with a volume of 3 cups may not be able to be used for larger volume Chemex coffee equipment.

  • The white pre-folded round coffee filter is suitable for all models except 3 cups.
  • The white pre-folded square coffee filter is suitable for all models except 3 cups.
  • The pre-folded square coffee filter in straw color is suitable for all models except 3 cups.
  • The white unfolded round coffee filter is suitable for all models except 3 cups.
  • The white unfolded round coffee filter is only suitable for the 3 cup model.


How is Chemex Coffee Brewed?

  1. Place the three-layer coffee filter in the section where the water will pass.
  2. Wet the coffee filter first with hot water.
  3. Empty the water accumulated in the reservoir of the Chemex.
  4. Add 2 tablespoons (per 200 ml) of coffee into the coffee filter.
  5. Wet the coffee with hot drinking water and wait for about 30 seconds. This step will allow the true aroma of the coffee to emerge.
  6. Run the hot water over the coffee in counterclockwise circles. This step is very important for the quality of the coffee. You need to pour the water as slowly and regularly as possible.
  7. After bringing all the hot water together with the coffee, wait for the coffee to brew. The water combined with the coffee will gradually accumulate in the chamber.
  8. After all the coffee is filled into the chamber, let the coffee rest for 5 minutes. After this stage, you can serve your coffee.