There are some criteria that characterize the quality or taste of coffee in bean coffees. These criteria have been determined by testing and testing by qualified coffee organizations, which we can consider as the professional chamber of the coffee business. Classifications related to the type and varieties of coffee, Arabica or Robusta coffee as it is frequently used in the market, attributes that provide information on the quality and flavor of coffee.

Firstly, "Arabica" ve "RobustaTo see what it is;

Coffee is a type of plant that grows on trees before it is seen as a bean or a beverage in a cup. This tree where coffee grows coffea is named. This tree gives a berry similar to the red berries we know. When we say coffee, the picture that comes to our minds is the part of this nut that is the seed and then roasted.

According to studies of coffee genetics, there are many types of coffea. In recent years 124 different varieties coffea found to be a tree. Mercury in Madagascar, Africa and Asia or Australia coffea plant can grow. But in these Coffea Arabica ve Coffea Canephora two species named, namely Arabica ve Robusta coffee is grown for commercial purposes. These types of coffee and their uses actually tell us a story about the coffee market and the commercialization of coffee.

Arabica is a type of coffee that grows between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer, originating from Ethiopia and South Sudan. Robusta, on the other hand, is located in West Africa and a brand gives the species its own name, Robusta. These species then spread in various places around the world. These two types of coffee cover 99% of the total coffee production. However, it is also known that species such as Liberica or Excelsa are used for local consumption in some regions. Although Liberica coffee was tried to be opened to the market in the same way, these attempts were unsuccessful and this coffee could not gain popularity.

Arabica and Robusta species can differ according to their taste, content, height and durability. Just as fruits grown at different altitudes and climates have different flavors, think about how wild strawberries taste better than regular strawberries, There may be such differences between coffee types due to their nature.

The Robusta species, which can grow at various altitudes from sea level to around 900 meters, can also grow at lower altitudes and warmer climatic conditions. The harvest of Robusta, which produces small but large amounts of fruit, is earlier than Arabica. Despite all these upbringing advantages Robusta The coffee does not taste good in the glass, it contains many undesirable and bad tastes. But the caffeine content is higher. For these reasons, Robusta is the choice of companies producing water-soluble coffee.


A coffee with a high caffeine content and relatively easy growing conditions can be produced cheaply without subjecting it to high quality standards. It grows higher than Robusta, is more resistant to diseases and requires more effort to produce. Arabica type is seen in a much better spot in terms of taste and taste in the mouth.

basically Robusta ve ArabicaIt also has subspecies. In the coffee market, Robusta is used as a cheap alternative to Arabica, although some in the coffee business argue that a well-grown Robusta bean can produce good flavors. Same way Arabica There are many varieties of beans that differ according to quality. Apart from this, the region where the coffee is grown gives that coffee a unique taste to the place.